When Bethany was nine years old, her siser, Olivia received a little calico kitten for  her birthday. While everyone welcomed little Buttercup into the Moy home, another little life also found his way into everyone's hearts. As soon as "kitten-number-two" came into the house, Bethany and Lucky became inseparatable. However, it was clear to see that Lucky was not a typical feline:


   The two would often play "dress-up," which involved dressing the

little cat in a blue and red baby shirt. He enjoyed the extra warmth so

much that he would often "meow" to be dressed. When he was not

asking for his shirt (or the occasional treat), Lucky would often jump

and paw at the front door-- pushing on the handle with his paws.

Since Lucky was an inside cat, Bethany constructed a little cat-halter

out of two collars. She tested her theory, and took Lucky for a walk... 

It was an instant success! Perhaps this was not strange feline behavior

compared to Lucky's other obsession: water. Whether he was sleeping

in the bathroom sink, or meowing to play in the bath water, Lucky's

affinity for water got him into trouble more than a few times with the automatic pet fountain.


     Through the years, this little tuxedo cat proved to be as true as any companion could be. Just after Lucky's 15th birthday, he passed away from renal faliure. His memory and crazy antics contine to make all those who knew him laugh, especially when they remember his "much-loved" little blue shirt. 

© 2014-2018 by Bethany Moy

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