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A Once in a Lifetime Project

After the success of their first book, the sisters received a special thank you note. It was mailed by their old friend and Pediatrician, thanking them for the new copy of Apple's New Neighbors. But below those wonderful words was also a question. A question that the newly founded Little Sisters Studio couldn't say no to...


"Would you like to illustrate a book for our upcoming gala to benefit the children's hospital?" 

Illustrating an Extremely Special Book

After Bethany and Olivia agreed, a meeting was set to tour the hospital, where the setting of the story would take place. The sister's partnered with author Brigette Henry Cooper to create the book. After pictures where taken, and characters discussed, Brigette went to work on creating the beautiful narrative. After the story was completed and approved, the text was handed off to the Little Sisters Studio to begin the next phase... designing the characters and layouts for the illustrations.

Finding Olivia

Olivia in The Courage Cape is based off of the author's cousin by the same name. Olivia's real-life courage and determination were infectious. At age 22, she was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma. A battle which lasted 6 years. But through it all, Olivia never lost her drive or spirit. To honor her memory, and because of her real courage, she became the hero of the tale.

Meet Dirk, Jerry, and Lilly

In the story, Olivia makes some friends along the way... all children who are looking for a little extra courage. 

The "real" Dirk.

The Final Design

As The Little Sisters Studios' Olivia was busy creating each character, Bethany was hard at work designing the backgrounds and layouts. The story takes place in the Janet Weis Children's Hospital (Geisinger Medical Center), so those drawings needed have that look and feel. Once each element was composed, something truly special came to life.

A BIG Thank You

The team at The Little Sisters Studio would like to thank Dr. Michael Ryan for all his years of care, and for asking them to work on this amazing project! Yup-- you landed in the book, too. Thank you for all you do!

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