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Bringing a children's book to life... from start to finish.

The conceptual idea of this book became reality when the sisters' local library hosted it's first annual benefit auction. Local artisans, bakers, teachers, and families all donated their wares and services in the effort to keep the well-loved library alive. While in high school at the time, both girls thought that creating a book seemed like the best idea for a library benefit. They knew the story had to be as original as the drawings they wanted to create... and there were no better characters to use than their real-life pets. An old Shetland pony and two Pygmy goat sisters proved to be the best cast, and also the inspiration for the story. Bethany and Olivia did in fact make that book for the library. After graduating college some time later, the pair updated the art, secured a printer, and in turn created their first professional project that started their careers...

Finding the Characters

Before any designing of the book began, several quick studies and sketches were completed first to capture each character's personalities just right. There was no lack of inspiration, since the real-life Apple, Isabel, and Eliza where quite the characters. Designing the style of the book characters also created the foundation for the rest of the book's esthetic design.

Creating the World

 After the characters where created, it was time to step into their world. Even though the story had Apple living in a large city, her house still had to resemble something a horse would feel comfortable in. Instead of a barn design, Bethany and Olivia decided to create something that resembled a well-loved, old farm house. A house that Apple could have lived in her whole life while the outside city grew and built up around her. This also created a sort of divide, that would help to visually represent her loneliness. 

Putting it All Together

After completing the illustrations, it was finally time to send the project to the printer. The end result was a vivid, hardcover copy of the Little Sisters Studio first vision. Activity pages were drawn as a fun, final last step to hand out at book signings!

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