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Apple's New Neighbors: The Children's Book

To view some in progress work, click below to view the slide show:
"This is our first children's book, and what better reason to create one then for the library..."

    This children's book was a very special project created by Bethany Moy, and her sister, Olivia Moy (who is also an artist). The two collaborated to write, design, and illustrate the story to support their local library. The characters are based off of Bethany and Olivia's real pets: Apple the Shetland Pony, with Isabel and Elisa the Pygmy goats. After printing one copy, the book was hand-bound, and greeted with great success.


   IMPORTANT UPDATE: Bethany and Olivia have gained the opportunity to publish this title, and are working on making a few edits to the illustrations before submitting it for production. Bethany will be posting updates (via this site and her "Art of" Facebook page), so all can see the progression-- from start to finish!


To view Bethany's Facebook page, visit: The Art of Bethany Moy


To view Olivia Moy's art website, visit:

~Bethany Moy

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